Dear Gillian
Thank you so very much for your time, patience and understanding of my feet today.
I was worried about coming but certainly did not need to be at all. You are such a lovely
person, so easy to talk to and so professional at your job too.  You put me at ease and
what a pleasure it was to meet you and to also come away with a spring in my step too.
You are doing such a great service for us all and I thank you so very much. I am
‘almost’ dancing at the moment, well almost!!
Thank you so much and you have definitely got a regular now with me
Kindest regards to you

I have had the pleasure this morning to have had my feet cared for and brought back to
life again by Gillian and what a pleasure this feels for me. After having suffered with my
feet for a lifetime I finally plucked up the courage to go and get them seen to. I was so
blessed to find Gillian almost on our doorstep and I will be going back there now on a 
regular basis. Gillian is such a lovely lady, so easy to talk to. The surroundings and the
feeling of peace and tranquillity in the room is amazing and the whole experience just
fabulous. This lady is worth her weight in gold, a real treasure and I recommend her
so highly.