As I sit here in the office with a nice cup of tea gently steaming beside me I hoped to describe the bucolic scene outside the window. Unfortunately I can hardly see out of the window due to it been covered in thick rain drops as we are experiencing some rather stormy weather this morning, albeit calming slightly compared to how Mother Nature was feeling in the early hours as the wind blew and the rain lashed down, someone was a little angry. Messrs Lishman had quite a challenging morning retrieving mobile objects blowing around and securing other wayward items. I have never been a lover of the wind as it makes me quite agitated, I have similar issues with the Full Moon, but that is another story!!

However, back to the new beginnings, I shall not digress as that is my thought for today. Thankfully the evenings are just starting to draw out a little more, just that little extra day light makes all the difference. Every day something new pops up in the garden and the Snowdrops, brave little soldiers they are make a lovely show. I do think nature is amazing, everything has a purpose and there is a purpose for everything. Last year for example we had an incredible crop of cooking apples. However despite giving loads away the orchard was still carpeted in them. A few weeks ago I intended to rake them up as the regular birds that visit my garden seemed to have lost interest. This job did not get done and during a very cold snap with snow a couple of weeks ago the Fieldfares popped by and dined for days on this harvest, there must have been well over a hundred of these rather plump winter thrushes at anyone time, a lovely sight and all the apples are now gone!

On the farm the Boys are still in the throws of the winter routine but thoughts have turned to spring as new fencing has been done and to compliment this Ian actually went and purchased five new gates, all looking very smart and they swing, a miracle!! Hopefully the fodder will see them through until the ‘Ladies’ go out to graze in mid March to April depending on the weather. Ian and Richard were very lucky and mangaged despite the challenging growing conditions last year to get a reasonable crop, some were less fortunate and are having to buy in food at very high prices.

My husband thinks I have an issue with food and the amount of freezers we have with supplies in them. Well my answer to this Mr Lishman is I like to always have some in reserve and yes I do like to look after anyone who sits at our table well. I did perhaps go a little over the top prior to Christmas and bought a 56lb bag of potatoes which was fine and most useful during the period of festive enteraining but we are still ploughing through and will be for sometime. I believe this habit came from my Mother who in the winter months always made sure there were a few basic staples in stock in case it snowed and we did live down a long lane and we could be blocked in for days at a time, back in the day! I perhaps do make work for myself but quite simply I enjoy cooking and providing.

My latest exploit is making yoghurt and I have to say so far so good, albeit ably assisted by a yoghurt making machine, yet another gadget on the kitchen work surface along side the new food processor which I have to say has produced some rather good cakes recently.

A lot of people I speak to at the moment are craving something calorific as the weather is cold and a plate of salad leaves just doesn’t appeal at all. Our bodies need good heart warming sustenance to see us through the winter months and then by all means bring out the salad, Quinoa etc but for now, no thank you.

My ramblings must stop here as believe it or not it is lunch time!!!!!!!!!!

Take care x


Well here we are half way through January already, post all those festive events, homes full of people and clutter from all the presents and decorations and furniture in different places to accommodate the tree etc.  Now everything is either put away or has found a new home we feel a little more organised and tidy.  Does anyone actually ‘spring clean’ anymore.  In days gone by it was a major job, curtains would be washed, cupboards cleaned out and the whole house given a good do.

I feel we are all a little more time pressured these days to make it a formal event and either keep on top of things as we go along or just turn a blind eye!!  I try to keep tidy as I go along not necessarily doing a deep clean all the time, living in an old house with log fires and on a farm there always seems to be the extra challenge of dust and the Boys coming in with straw clung to their jackets as they adorn the brass rail above the Rayburn in the kitchen to allow them to warm through on a cold winters morning, don’t worry I will sweep it up!!  Also the sun at the moment although extremely welcome is rather low in the sky and highlights all the nooks and crannies where the dust settles and smudges on the windows, there is always something needing our attention.  In my quest to be more environmentally friendly I purchased a gallon of white vinegar and a gallon of surgical spirit to make my own cleaning products.  On a scale of one to ten how affective is this experiment, all I can say is answer pending, but I will persevere.

Something else I have re introduced since Christmas is the compost bin.  I have tried for years to make compost out of all the vegetable waste to little effect, yes it rotted down into a sort of clarty mess but did not produce the goods I expected to top dress the garden, I even bought special mulching worms who I think basically laughed at me.  I therefore gave up and rather reluctantly put the said vegetable matter in the dustbin.  However, here we are giving the whole thing a second chance.  Mr Lishman was despatched to the loft to bring out the compost bin and I put in some dry leaves from our beech tree, a little good soil containing earth worms, no fancy treatment this time and see what happens as a steady flow of vegetable matter is put in.

Talking of vegetable matter, our thoughts at this time of year always turn to a more healthy lifestyle or another spring clean of ourselves.  Some people decide to do a ‘dry’ January after Christmas, well my Christmas never really got wet, perhaps only slightly damp if you call a glass of Prosecco on Christmas Day which was poured about 12 noon and I had the last sip just before bed, it is amazing how its little bubbles stayed constant throughout.  I am sorry me and alcohol are not the greatest of companions, plus it was a rather busy day with guests, babies, toddlers and Mr Lishman’s beloved Robots sent him two alarm calls during Christmas Dinner, nothing major but needed his attention, typical!!  I digress, back to the vegetables.  the news this week has highlighted the need for plenty of fibre in our diet, well I do try and have been making lots of daily blasts in the Nutribullet, Mr Lishman said the Spinach, Celery, Apple, orange and Lemon juice one was a slight improvement on the previous one which was basically the same except Avocado instead of Celery, some people are so picky.

What ever you are doing to keep healthy this New Year I hope you enjoy it and remember don’t be too hard on yourselves, I am a great believer in a little of everything is good for you, just a balance of good food, good sleep, fresh air and excercise and the odd treat, now where did I put those chocolates, umm!!

My very best wishes for 2019

Gillian x





Time to get the sprouts on!!

After just treating a client for Reflexology in my lovely cosy treatment room I have come into the rather chilly office to do some paperwork and got totally distracted writing my blog, much more fun!  To compensate for this I have along side me a large cup of tea and a Cherry scone, a little treat as I had an early start this morning and breakfast seems a long time ago.

I am so lucky to really love the work I  do.  It is far more than just giving a Reflexology or Foot Health session, it is about building a relationship and having a rapport with my clients.  Obviously during the Reflexology, relaxation is the key so I do not advocate conversation unless that is the clients wish, however, during a Foot Health session clients like to chatter covering many subjects indeed. Depending on the time of year the conversation could be about travel, the garden, exchanging ideas on books for a good read, or even current affairs, the less said on the main topic at the moment as it is sure to raise peoples blood pressure.  I will just say one thing about the ‘B’ word, I would love to know what Mrs May has for breakfast, lunch and dinner because her energy is amazing!  I wonder if she has a delicious, nutritious Nutri bullet blast like I had this morning, looking something a kin to pond life as mine consisted of spinach, apple, orange juice and avocado, one glass down, half a gallon to go!!!

As there is a lot of uncertainty around at the moment due to certain political hot topics people in general seem to be getting ready for  Christamas good and early.  I am very much a person who likes to keep Christmas well into December and then find myself running around like crazy getting all the jobs done.  I have to confess to starting my Christmas present shopping in November this year purely by default and then I was on a roll.  It is taking me ages to wrap the said presents though due to the fact I have decided to go more environmental and use brown paper, not for the little ones they still get the colourful  wrap.  I actually think a brown paper parcel can look quite classy especially  when adorned with, what should I call the decoration, perhaps a corsage for want of a better word of a little wooden christmas tree, holes kindly drilled through by my beloved for the string , presevered orange slices, cinnamon sticks and pine cones.  Get a life I hear you declare, well perhaps so but it is keeping me entertained in the dark evenings, I just hope the recipients appreciate my efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am also a lover of christmas lights and will be dispatching Mr Lishman into the garden this weekend to put ours up, just a small display on the house wall which will provide some welcome cheer and then thoughts will turn to decorating the christmas tree.

As far as christmas dinner goes I am really trying to prep ahead as much as possible.  The Turkey , Ham, sausages, stuffing, Red cabbage and stage one of the gravy are already  in the freezer.  I really cannot cope with battling long queues and cars patroling supermarket carparks waiting to pounce when a space becomes available so the sooner I have all my supplies in and baton down the hatches the better for me.

Part of my get ahead plan this year is to prep the roast potatoes by par boiling them and then freezing them on baking parchment, I tried this experiment last weekend and they were really good and very crispy, I am therefore trying the same with the carrots and parsnips which I have again par boiled and then will roast, all from frozen. What else is left, oh the Brussel sprouts of course, love them or hate them they are an integral part of the christmas feast.  I think they have a bad name due to the way they are often cooked and presented but there are some really lovely ‘sprout’ recipes online, so go on pay homage to the humble ‘sprout’.

As we all will no doubt be mixing, mingling and entertaining this festive time, no doubt a few unwanted pests will pass over our thresholds and no I don’t mean the relatives but possibley their coughs, colds and sniffles which inevitalbly come along at this time of year.  One lovely way to help ward of these pests is to burn essential oils that are anti viral/bacterial craftily squashing those bugs and beasties whilst at the same time emanating lovely festive scents.  My favourite is cinnamon and sweet orange or you could use Eucalyptus and pine.  A lot of essential oils have anti viral of anti bacterial properties. All you need to do is aquire an oil burner, fill the little dish with water add a few drops of your chosen oils and light a night light underneath, wonderful.

Well all is left for me to say is I hope you keep hale and hearty this festive time and I send you my warmest wishes,

Gillian x





Lets make soup!

I am going to say what everyone else is saying and that is where has the the year gone.  One minute we are basking in temperatures that our wonderful Isle can only usually dream of and now we are in November post bonfire night and on the road to Christmas.   I have just been for a quick hike down to the river achieving 5016 steps or 2.9km.  It was so peaceful, just me and my Nordic walking poles speeding along.  On my walk this morning I saw a stoat and a heron, earlier this week I was lucky enough to see a Kingfisher.   Now sat in the office with a nice cup of tea I can tell you what has been happening at Castley Farm/ Treatments since my last post.

It is always good to have a date or some event to work towards to achieve the things that need doing but keep getting put off.  We were having a bit of a make over in the lounge and needed to decorate before our annual holiday as our two sofas were being upholstered after approximately 25 years of loyal service. In this world of recycling and upcycling it seemed a terrible waste just to dump them as their construction was really solid and far better than anything else we saw.  We hoped to create a much more minimalist look.  My husband watches far too many of those property programmes and has started after thirty six years of marriage voicing an opinion on domestic matters, charming!  We have, therefore chosen a lighter  fabric for the sofas which looks lovely but caused much rushing out to purchase throws to cover them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The next issue is cushions, I like cushions, my dearest husband does not, do I interfere in the things he chooses for the farm, no, so end of subject, excited for the arrival of my new cushions!!

The last of the cattle have been brought back to the farm today bunkering down ready for the winter ahead.  It is funny they have been so content to graze in the fields since the spring but then they are ready to come inside as the days and nights become chilly.  We are having a wonderful  autumn and the colours of the leaves have been truly lovely.

We too must prepare for the months ahead and concentrate a little harder on maintaining our health and well being as the seasonal pests of colds and virus’s start to strike.  Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to build up your immune system, but make sure you eat warm food with added garlic and ginger to fortify yourself.  One of the best ways to ensure goodness in your diet is a warming bowl of soup, homemade wherever possible.  It is easier than you think.  Some people are daunted by the prospect of making soup and it is a wonderful way of getting all those vegetables into the diet.  Sometimes I will make a huge panful to freeze but I also have a soup maker, an inexpensive gadget which makes about four to six bowls. The beauty of this is I can quickly pop the ingredients into it and put it on as I go into treat my last client before lunch and it is ready when I come out, marvellous.

Today it is going to be Leek and Potato.  There are plenty of recipes but quite simply into the soup maker I put a couple of Leeks cut into half inch rounds, about three large potatoes, some chopped onion, salt, pepper, a stock cube, either chicken or vegetable and some water, turn on and wait for the magic to happen.  If I was making soup in a pan I would soften the onion in a little olive oil, add the rest of the ingredients and simmer until the vegetables are tender and then blitz with a blender, easy to prepare, inexpensive and nutritious.  As a little treat you could add a swirl of cream and some croutons.  These are also simple to make with left over bread.  Cut the bread into cubes, put onto a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil add a sprinkle of dried herbs and bake in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes until they are crisp.  They will keep for ages in an airtight container.

The other thing of course to help maintain health and wellbeing is Reflexology to boost your immune system, and general sense of wellbeing,  wonderful.

Well that is all for now

Take care,

Gillian x



New term

Even though it is a while since I attended an establishment that worked in term times, e.g twenty years ago when I studied to become a complimentary  therapist, I still,  like a lot of people work in term times problably because in some way we are all connected to an educational environment be it through children, grandchildren, teaching,  night school or what ever.  So here we are at the begining of the autumn term,  the one in many ways which is the biggest deal as from mine and a lot of my clients experiences we have someone we know entering school life as with our little Florence who has started Montessori nursery on Monday where she fed the hens and collected eggs amongst other things, how wonderful.  Jack is now a year one and rather apprehensively went back to school feeling slightly daunted as he is now in a much bigger class but came home very happy and Charlie is just Charlie and always happy as he enters his second year of pre school.  Many of my clients have had children taking exams at the end of last term and nervously awaited the results which would see them go on the sixth form or University which brings with it its own challenges and worries as children move away from home.  It is a good job Castley Treatments can offer the sanctury for some de stressing and relaxation to help with all these changes!!

Autumn also brings with it challenges as the weather changes and the darker nights come round again.  some people really dread this time of year but sadly we cannot do anything to stop it, so try to embrace it.  I was out and about on Thursday, which was a lovely day, I had a dentist appointment in Harrogate, where the pavements were strewn with an early shedding of crisp brown leaves which crunch rather satisfyingly under your shoes.  It is quite unbelievable that just a few short weeks ago we were all baking in the hottest weather we have experienced for a while and then the air changes to the mellow feeling of autumn.   However today is a different story as it is raining and quite grotty so I have taken the opportunity to make the most of the Castley Farm apple harvest and made some apple, pear and fig chutney, I am sorry but the figs were not home grown, Marks and Spencer!!  The house now smells of fruit simmering with oranges, cardamon and cinnamon, quite delicious.

We also need to think a little more about our immune systems.  I was stood behind a lady in a well known chemists after the said dentist appointment and she was armed with several packets of throat losenges, cough syrups and other packages cold related, talk about stocking up.  Try and fit a few more pieces of fruit into your day to boost vitamin C or even a good supplement can be valuable and plenty of fresh water.  I have discovered, thanks to my daughter the delights of putting cucumber in a glass of water, a taste sensation, even Florence is taking her water bottle  to nursery with cucumber because Mummy does it!!

On the farm it is a very busy period for the Boys as it is hedge cutting time when the country side gets its annual pampering, I have to say the lane down to our farm looks very smart indeed. For all you cyclists out there do not be affraid as the Boys have a new piece of kit with a blower attachment which shoots al the thorns into the hedge!   Lots of the Castley Ladies are giving birth and there is also another crop of grass to cut and fields to plough to plant wheat again.  Thankfully the long spell of dry weather did break to provide rain so the grass has grown again,  so hopefully the fodder store should be better than anticipated a few weeks ago.  Lets just hope we don’t get the ‘ Beast from the East’ again or for that matter any relative from any other direction!!

I look forward to being in touch soon,

Gillian x





News from Castley Treatments

I have just finished treating one of my clients feet for a medical pedicure.  I love the conversations we have catching up on news etc, there is always something to learn, ideas to exchange, as they say every day is a school day.  Now time for a quick cup of tea and a chat with you all before my next appointment.

Once again it is a while since I posted but I hope all that will change now I am fully initiated into the world of Instagram, thanks to my PR advisor, daughter Helen of,  so more and more of you lucky people can read my blog rather than the ones who would perchance upon it whilst perusing my web site .

I will do a quick catch up on family news first.  Last April Robert and Helen were blessed with the safe arrival of Frank George Robert, a bouncing bundle of loveliness who is now four months old and totally adored by his sister Florence who has just turned two.  Jack has just completed his first year at school and settled in very well, it is so amazing what little sponges children are and how quickly they learn to read and write etc.  Charlie is quite a character and enjoying pre school, lets just say he made an entrance!!  As Granadparents we are truly blessed.

Life here at Castley Farm is busy.  The Robots are really proving to be excellent and everything the Boys hoped they would be.  The main reason for installing them was to create a better quality of life for us all keeping it a true family business without the need to rely on outside help , yes there is still a lot of work to do but time off can be more easily arranged, for example Richard can take Jack to his swimming lesson on a Saturday morning something Ian could never have even thought of when Richard and Helen were small, they may not be major life issues but they make a big difference.  Ian’s knees continue to improve and he is going really well and enjoying working to his full potential again rather looking for the  next opportunity to sit down because they hurt so much!

The weather as we are all aware has been terribly dry so once again making life challenging for farmers and growers.  the Boys have been lucky and got some decent crops in but still need more to secure the amount of  winter feed we have in stock as prices for anything bought in will be expensive, this will affect us, the consumer in the shops as well. However all these challenges make life more interesting and considering how the weather is affecting poor people in other parts of the world we have nothing to worry about.  (As I write it has started to pour down!)

Come September it will be twenty years since I made the bold decision to go back to college and train in complimentary therapies, unbelievable.  It only seems like five minutes ago and I can still feel the terror of going back into a classroom, studying and taking countless exams over that two year period, (its really raining now yipee!!).  Over the years I have been priviledged to treat some lovely people, I feel very lucky indeed.  Now a little older I just concentrate on doing Reflexology and Footcare Treatments as my hands started to rebel against the Aromatherapy massage sadly.

I thank all those people who have supported me since I began my business and look forward to welcoming old and new clients to Castley Treatments in the future.

Take care

Gillian x



Time Flies

Honestly when I last wrote a blog and said I would write soon I did not mean 8 months later!!!!!!!!!!  That is really quite appalling but last year simply flew and sometimes certain jobs just do not get done.

I write a journal every day, the life and times of the Lishman family and at the end of each year I write a review of the biggest moments of the year of which last year there were quite a lot.  In my last blog I told you about the Robot project here at Castley Farm, well what a summer it was with the Boys busy building the new shed to house the Robots and then the men came to install all the equipment.  I have to say the Robot Warriors as the team became known were excellent and with some very fine weather the job ran very smoothly.  D Day for the first milking was the 17th July and then Kevin, James and Steven from Holding Engineering brought a caravan and moved in for nearly a week whilst the task of training the Castley Ladies to use the Robots began.  At this point Castley Farm catering services was put into action as food and refreshment was delivered up to the Robots on a regular basis to help sustain the troops as 24 hour milking began.  The culmination of all this was a BBQ held to celebrate the official opening of the project.  I was worn out from all the extra cooking and carrying trays loaded up with goodies to and from the buildings, somebodies feet could have done with some tlc!!

6 months later the dear Castley Ladies are loving their new milking system and they please themselves when they are milked and they are very happy indeed, I have to say it is all very impressive.

Later in the summer our Granddaughter Florence celebrated her first birthday and our daughter Helen her 30th.  This involved a joint party here at the farm in one of the barns.  We had hoped to just put out a few tables in the orchard and make it all very casual but the weather became very unsettled and we could not risk it.  It was a lovely afternoon in the end and one of the high lights for our visitors was the opportunity to have a tour of guess what the Robots!!

Richard’s two little boys are a delight and doing well, Jack started school in September.

I mentioned in my last blog Ian’s knees.  Well in November he had two partial knees replaced and is doing really well, we are so lucky to have such a fabulous health service we are so grateful for all the care he has had.

Well here we are in 2018, can you remeber the Millenium New Years Eve when we all thought the world would end, all the computers in the entire universe would crash and die forever and here we are 18 years later, yes time really does fly.

I am entering my 20th year as a complimentary therapist and cannot believe it and I am so grateful to all my clients who have supported me and continue to do so.

We are very much looking forward to a less hectic year this year, but pigs might fly as they say, Robert and Helen are expecting their second child in April so there you have it ‘ a hectic year!’

I wish you all a healthy and peaceful 2018

Take care


Gillian x



A spring in our step

Spring is such a wonderful time of year when all around us plants, trees etc come back to life after the winter months.  It hasn’t been a terrible winter in so far as ice and snow, in fact the grit heap the  Council kindly left outside our gate has not had one shovel dig into it, here in the countryside we have to do our own gritting!!  Everytime I venture outside the garden has sprouted yet more plants and all the shrubs are bursting forth.  Apart from a whole load of Holly Hocks that I ordered from a catalogue and arrived like dead sticks, still waiting for some life to appear!!   A whole bed of Alliums which I thought I had moved last year, I dug up loads,  have come back with avengeance.  I will be ready with my spade once more after they have flowered because I would like to create a new herbaceous border, minus Alliums, I hadn’t realised they were so prolific! I always move everything to different parts of the garden, waste not want not and the said Alliums will be relocated into what we call the Secret Garden, a area around the back of the house which isn’t a secret at all it is just a name we gave it when we came to live here.

It  is a very busy time on the farm.  We do not lamb sheep but plenty of our neighbours do and the little lambs are a delight to watch especially when the sun shines and they all start to gamble around the fields with their friends until Mum calls them for dinner, in other words when her udder is feeling rather full.  It amazes me how in a field that is full of sheep and lambs how the Mum’s and babies are reunited but obviously like us they will all have their own distinctive voices.

Here at Castley Farm things are quite hectic.  All the cattle have been turned out to grass, it is a joy to see them run around in the fields munching on the lovely spring grass and soaking up the sunshine, when it shines of course.  However, the weather over the last few days has turned very cold again  and our bovine friends would no doubt prefer to be back inside their cosy barns.

A new project is developing swiftly as Messrs Lishman are putting up a building to house Robots to milk the cows, yes Castley Farm is going all high tech!!  My dear husband is really struggling with his knees, he is waiting for an appointment to see an orthopaedic surgeon.  He has milked cows twice a day every day of the year apart from the odd few days here and there for holiday since he was 16 years of age and he is now 56.  A few months ago whilst in the milking parlour he was thinking about the future.  The parlour is a good place to ruminate and cogitate thoughts and ideas and how he wouldn’t want the daily routine of milking for much longer but we have to milk cows on this farm, that is what we do.  Richard, at this point came into the parlour to collect the calf milk and Ian apparently muted the idea of Robots.  Well that was all it needed for Richard to return to the farm the next day with ideas, basic costings and emails sent requesting Robot companies to visit us for a chat and here we are in the midst of construction!!

For those of you unsure of the Robotic milking system the cows will basically go and be milked at a time when they wish to be milked.  Approximately two or three times a day they will visit the Robot to be relived, the enticement is a reward of some food automatically dispensed on arrival, a little like going to a sweety shop I presume.  This system does not however mean Messrs Lishman can just sit with their feet up in the office over seeing their Ladies, heavens no there will still be plenty to do but what it will do is relieve the daily grind of standing in the parlour twice a day  and offer the freedom to do other things and hopefully a better lifestyle, all very exciting.

Now lets talk about feet, yes it is that time of year again when we all examine our feet a little more closely as the summer shoe season is imminent and a little tlc is required.  Our poor little feet are much neglected at times.  The structure of the foot is really complex with 26 bones and over 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles and literaly carry us around all day in what ever activity we choose to do.  We all think about excercising our bodies but do you ever consider excercising your feet, you should it feels really good.  One thing I like to do is to rise up onto the toes, one foot at a time and gently lower back to the floor, repeating this several times, this gives a lovely stretch through the foot, my pilates tutor calls this prancing pony.  Also rolling your foot on a tennis or golf ball or if you have one of those fancy ones with nobbles on is a good one for massaging the sole of the foot.  Clients are beating a path to the door at the moment for foot health pedicures.  What could be nicer than having a foot soak in some lovely herbal bubbles and then your nails, hard skin and corns etc attended to,  finished off with having all the skin smoothed and then a massage.  Having your feet maintained in this way is a treat, but on the other hand it is not because maintaining the health of your feet is so beneficial to how you feel, comfortable feet, comfortable you.

Any how I have rambled on enough for now, will write again soon,


Gillian x



A little family indulgence!

Goodness there is quite a nip in the air this afternoon.  I have just been outside for a little fresh air inbetween treatments, I would say to put a little colour in my cheeks, but for someone who suffers from ‘midlife rosacea’ that is something I definitely do not want to encourage!  However, it was good to be out in the fresh air and I have given the standard roses, which I have to say have been absolutley fabulous all summer, a gentle pruning and then they will get a proper job done in late February or early March and some good Castley Farm ‘muck’.  I sound like gardening expert, far from it, I called at the local garden centre for advice yesterday!!

In my last blog I told you the tale of the  purchase of currants at Pateley Show and how I had made two fruit cakes, well I now have four.  I have already started to feed one with Brandy for Christmas.   My husbands comment was, how ridiculous, what are we going to do with four fruit cakes.  Well I know what he will do with them, eat them given half a chance because he is the one who always eats the Christmas cake anyway, I told him to be grateful I had gone to all the trouble of making him one, lets face it I could have just gone to Marks and Spencers!!!

I have entitled my blog a little family indulgence for a very good reason so please bear with me whilst I do so for a moment or two.  I am going to do a little  PR here, firstly for the last few months Richard has been  building away to create a new building which will form a new business to run along side his dog kennels, this time it is for cats, Castley Farm Cattery.  What a smart establishment it is and will open at the beginning of December.  I popped up to have a look this afternoon to see how things were coming along and the electricians were busy putting in the heating and Richard and his friend Gary were up in the roof insulating. Still lots of bits to do before the final inspection next week but they are on target and Sophie is poised with her diary to take bookings so please don’t hesitate contact Castley Farm Kennels for more information.

My next PR promotion is for Helen Lishman Photography.  Helen will be very cross with me no doubt for saying this but I am very proud of her, she only gave birth to little Florence just over three months ago and already she is back doing  photography, there is no rest when you work for yourself!!

What about me, well I have been very busy, thank you to all my wonderful clients who support me.  I have been and bought a lovley new lamp for my treatment room, so I am going to quickly set that up now before my next lady arrives as I have just noticed the time. Oh and not forgetting Mr Lishman he is fine and dandy just can’ make up his mind whether to go to a meeting in Boroghbridge tonight or stay at home, after all it is fist and chip Wednesday, a little thing we have in our local village, we live wild out in the country you know!!

Will Blog again soon

Gillian x





Autumn Glory

What a wonderful time of year it is, especially this year as the weather has been so kind.  We have been blessed  with plenty of dry sunny days and the colours on the trees as the leaves turn are quite beautiful.  Yesterday morning before I started work I decided to take Pippy the farm Jack Russell for a walk as I was seriously in need of exercise.  It  was quite challenging to say the least.  We set off quite happily up the road but on route we encountered Jack, my Grandson with his Mummy and Nellie the Labrador having a run  round in the field, which was lovely  and a nice surprise for me but  which rather irritated Pippy so I let her off the lead. This was the end of our civilised walk as she did not want to go back on the lead and ran back home.  I too also gave up on my walk because I had office work to do and actually was feeling slightly under the weather having had cold recently and been left with sinus issues. I have to say I am rather cross because my immune system is usually rather robust but there are some rather horrid colds and bugs around at the moment and one found its way to my door, urrgh!!  Been an aromatherapist I decided to tackle this head on with some of my wonderful oil several times and already once this morning I have done steam inhalations which seems to have helped.  A large bowl, half full of just off the boil water and a few drops of essential oil.   I used Eucalyptus and Black Pepper and then place your head over the bowl and  a towel over your head .Gosh talk about blowing your head off, perhaps that extra drop of oil was just a little too much, however, I do feel clearer!!

It is the time of year when Castley Farm looks towards winter.  Messrs Lishman have brought the Castley ladies inside now , nobodies happy at the moment because the milk production has fallen due to the diminishing quality of the grass, hence the need to bring them in onto winter rations, plus the fodder made during the spring and summer is not great quality due to  poor conditions it was made in apparently, I can’t remember (terrible farmers wife). So there is quite a lot of jiggling to do to get a good balance diet for the dear ladies this winter, honestly perhaps it would be easier just to go to Waitrose!!  Apparently most dairy farmers are having a problem so it is nothing  Ian and Richard have done wrong who are very good dairy farmers. (creep, creep!)

Are you all starting to think about Christmas? I bought enough currants at Pateley show to make I believe four 12 inch cakes, why I do not know, I have made two , with two to go.  I will make them because I don’t use currants for anything else.   I could make mincemeat but I have plenty left from last year having made the same mistake then with the currants last year,.  I think next year at Pateley show I will avoid the dried fruit stall altogether!!

Talking of Christmas clients are already buying vouchers for their loved ones for treatments to keep them hale and hearty in the New Year.  What a good idea, I might drop a suble hint to my loved one!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  My family are coming along for a tree planting day on Sunday.  When My Son married Sophie we decided to plant a tree on the farm to mark the occasion so from then on we do for marriages and births.  On Sunday we are planting a tree for Charlie, Richard and Sophie’s little boy, for Florence, Helen and Robert’s little Girl and one for my Dad who Died in January.  So about twenty for lunch and lots of digging, but I think that is a job for the boys.

Take care

Gillian xx