After just treating a client for Reflexology in my lovely cosy treatment room I have come into the rather chilly office to do some paperwork and got totally distracted writing my blog, much more fun!  To compensate for this I have along side me a large cup of tea and a Cherry scone, a little treat as I had an early start this morning and breakfast seems a long time ago.

I am so lucky to really love the work I  do.  It is far more than just giving a Reflexology or Foot Health session, it is about building a relationship and having a rapport with my clients.  Obviously during the Reflexology, relaxation is the key so I do not advocate conversation unless that is the clients wish, however, during a Foot Health session clients like to chatter covering many subjects indeed. Depending on the time of year the conversation could be about travel, the garden, exchanging ideas on books for a good read, or even current affairs, the less said on the main topic at the moment as it is sure to raise peoples blood pressure.  I will just say one thing about the ‘B’ word, I would love to know what Mrs May has for breakfast, lunch and dinner because her energy is amazing!  I wonder if she has a delicious, nutritious Nutri bullet blast like I had this morning, looking something a kin to pond life as mine consisted of spinach, apple, orange juice and avocado, one glass down, half a gallon to go!!!

As there is a lot of uncertainty around at the moment due to certain political hot topics people in general seem to be getting ready for  Christamas good and early.  I am very much a person who likes to keep Christmas well into December and then find myself running around like crazy getting all the jobs done.  I have to confess to starting my Christmas present shopping in November this year purely by default and then I was on a roll.  It is taking me ages to wrap the said presents though due to the fact I have decided to go more environmental and use brown paper, not for the little ones they still get the colourful  wrap.  I actually think a brown paper parcel can look quite classy especially  when adorned with, what should I call the decoration, perhaps a corsage for want of a better word of a little wooden christmas tree, holes kindly drilled through by my beloved for the string , presevered orange slices, cinnamon sticks and pine cones.  Get a life I hear you declare, well perhaps so but it is keeping me entertained in the dark evenings, I just hope the recipients appreciate my efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am also a lover of christmas lights and will be dispatching Mr Lishman into the garden this weekend to put ours up, just a small display on the house wall which will provide some welcome cheer and then thoughts will turn to decorating the christmas tree.

As far as christmas dinner goes I am really trying to prep ahead as much as possible.  The Turkey , Ham, sausages, stuffing, Red cabbage and stage one of the gravy are already  in the freezer.  I really cannot cope with battling long queues and cars patroling supermarket carparks waiting to pounce when a space becomes available so the sooner I have all my supplies in and baton down the hatches the better for me.

Part of my get ahead plan this year is to prep the roast potatoes by par boiling them and then freezing them on baking parchment, I tried this experiment last weekend and they were really good and very crispy, I am therefore trying the same with the carrots and parsnips which I have again par boiled and then will roast, all from frozen. What else is left, oh the Brussel sprouts of course, love them or hate them they are an integral part of the christmas feast.  I think they have a bad name due to the way they are often cooked and presented but there are some really lovely ‘sprout’ recipes online, so go on pay homage to the humble ‘sprout’.

As we all will no doubt be mixing, mingling and entertaining this festive time, no doubt a few unwanted pests will pass over our thresholds and no I don’t mean the relatives but possibley their coughs, colds and sniffles which inevitalbly come along at this time of year.  One lovely way to help ward of these pests is to burn essential oils that are anti viral/bacterial craftily squashing those bugs and beasties whilst at the same time emanating lovely festive scents.  My favourite is cinnamon and sweet orange or you could use Eucalyptus and pine.  A lot of essential oils have anti viral of anti bacterial properties. All you need to do is aquire an oil burner, fill the little dish with water add a few drops of your chosen oils and light a night light underneath, wonderful.

Well all is left for me to say is I hope you keep hale and hearty this festive time and I send you my warmest wishes,

Gillian x