Even though it is a while since I attended an establishment that worked in term times, e.g twenty years ago when I studied to become a complimentary  therapist, I still,  like a lot of people work in term times problably because in some way we are all connected to an educational environment be it through children, grandchildren, teaching,  night school or what ever.  So here we are at the begining of the autumn term,  the one in many ways which is the biggest deal as from mine and a lot of my clients experiences we have someone we know entering school life as with our little Florence who has started Montessori nursery on Monday where she fed the hens and collected eggs amongst other things, how wonderful.  Jack is now a year one and rather apprehensively went back to school feeling slightly daunted as he is now in a much bigger class but came home very happy and Charlie is just Charlie and always happy as he enters his second year of pre school.  Many of my clients have had children taking exams at the end of last term and nervously awaited the results which would see them go on the sixth form or University which brings with it its own challenges and worries as children move away from home.  It is a good job Castley Treatments can offer the sanctury for some de stressing and relaxation to help with all these changes!!

Autumn also brings with it challenges as the weather changes and the darker nights come round again.  some people really dread this time of year but sadly we cannot do anything to stop it, so try to embrace it.  I was out and about on Thursday, which was a lovely day, I had a dentist appointment in Harrogate, where the pavements were strewn with an early shedding of crisp brown leaves which crunch rather satisfyingly under your shoes.  It is quite unbelievable that just a few short weeks ago we were all baking in the hottest weather we have experienced for a while and then the air changes to the mellow feeling of autumn.   However today is a different story as it is raining and quite grotty so I have taken the opportunity to make the most of the Castley Farm apple harvest and made some apple, pear and fig chutney, I am sorry but the figs were not home grown, Marks and Spencer!!  The house now smells of fruit simmering with oranges, cardamon and cinnamon, quite delicious.

We also need to think a little more about our immune systems.  I was stood behind a lady in a well known chemists after the said dentist appointment and she was armed with several packets of throat losenges, cough syrups and other packages cold related, talk about stocking up.  Try and fit a few more pieces of fruit into your day to boost vitamin C or even a good supplement can be valuable and plenty of fresh water.  I have discovered, thanks to my daughter the delights of putting cucumber in a glass of water, a taste sensation, even Florence is taking her water bottle  to nursery with cucumber because Mummy does it!!

On the farm it is a very busy period for the Boys as it is hedge cutting time when the country side gets its annual pampering, I have to say the lane down to our farm looks very smart indeed. For all you cyclists out there do not be affraid as the Boys have a new piece of kit with a blower attachment which shoots al the thorns into the hedge!   Lots of the Castley Ladies are giving birth and there is also another crop of grass to cut and fields to plough to plant wheat again.  Thankfully the long spell of dry weather did break to provide rain so the grass has grown again,  so hopefully the fodder store should be better than anticipated a few weeks ago.  Lets just hope we don’t get the ‘ Beast from the East’ again or for that matter any relative from any other direction!!

I look forward to being in touch soon,

Gillian x