Goodness there is quite a nip in the air this afternoon.  I have just been outside for a little fresh air inbetween treatments, I would say to put a little colour in my cheeks, but for someone who suffers from ‘midlife rosacea’ that is something I definitely do not want to encourage!  However, it was good to be out in the fresh air and I have given the standard roses, which I have to say have been absolutley fabulous all summer, a gentle pruning and then they will get a proper job done in late February or early March and some good Castley Farm ‘muck’.  I sound like gardening expert, far from it, I called at the local garden centre for advice yesterday!!

In my last blog I told you the tale of the  purchase of currants at Pateley Show and how I had made two fruit cakes, well I now have four.  I have already started to feed one with Brandy for Christmas.   My husbands comment was, how ridiculous, what are we going to do with four fruit cakes.  Well I know what he will do with them, eat them given half a chance because he is the one who always eats the Christmas cake anyway, I told him to be grateful I had gone to all the trouble of making him one, lets face it I could have just gone to Marks and Spencers!!!

I have entitled my blog a little family indulgence for a very good reason so please bear with me whilst I do so for a moment or two.  I am going to do a little  PR here, firstly for the last few months Richard has been  building away to create a new building which will form a new business to run along side his dog kennels, this time it is for cats, Castley Farm Cattery.  What a smart establishment it is and will open at the beginning of December.  I popped up to have a look this afternoon to see how things were coming along and the electricians were busy putting in the heating and Richard and his friend Gary were up in the roof insulating. Still lots of bits to do before the final inspection next week but they are on target and Sophie is poised with her diary to take bookings so please don’t hesitate contact Castley Farm Kennels for more information.

My next PR promotion is for Helen Lishman Photography.  Helen will be very cross with me no doubt for saying this but I am very proud of her, she only gave birth to little Florence just over three months ago and already she is back doing  photography, there is no rest when you work for yourself!!

What about me, well I have been very busy, thank you to all my wonderful clients who support me.  I have been and bought a lovley new lamp for my treatment room, so I am going to quickly set that up now before my next lady arrives as I have just noticed the time. Oh and not forgetting Mr Lishman he is fine and dandy just can’ make up his mind whether to go to a meeting in Boroghbridge tonight or stay at home, after all it is fist and chip Wednesday, a little thing we have in our local village, we live wild out in the country you know!!

Will Blog again soon

Gillian x