The last time I posted a blog I was helping my daughter dear in her nesting phase getting ready for the imminent arrival of the baby.  Well I can now announce, albeit a slightly late announcement I am affraid, being a little busy, the safe and delightful arrival of Miss Florence Louise who is now actually eight weeks old, a  cousin to Jack and Charlie.  Florence came for a sleep over last weekend, Daddy and Mummy stayed as well, but they did go out for a couple of hours and left Bob and I in charge.  Firstly we had to give her a bath on the kitchen table and then a massage before her feed.  Obviously I was very excited to be able to give Florence a massage as this is one of my specialities and she loves her massage.  Of course it is not like  the normal massage you would perform but just a very soothing, gentle, stroking action which just sent little Florence completely into a very deep sleep before I had chance to administer the bottle of milk!  The time was 8.35 pm and Florence’s due bed time was about 10pm.     The routine is bath, massage, feed, cuddles, bed, help!!    Well I skipped the feed and cuddles and slipped Florence straight into sleeping bag and we went to bed, yes Saturday night and off we went to bed at 8.35pm, well I couldn’t send her on her own, could I !!

Florence slept until 4.30 am when Helen came to retrieve her as a nursing mother she really felt the need  to demand her daughter had a meal if you get my drift!!

Autumn is slowly creeping upon us, I love this time of year and the weather has been beautiful the last few days.  the hedge rows and full of berries, I feel I should be making some Sloe Gin, purely for medicinal purposes of course!  It is good to tell the children have gone back to school as my appoinment book is starting to fill up again with Mum’s needing some tlc after the school holidays, I am finding Reiki is really popular at the moment.

Life on the farm is pretty routine, the Castley ladies (cows) are still out in the fields grazing, it has been a good summer for them, Messrs Lishman will be hoping for a fine Autumn to keep them outside for as long as possible.  We have had lots of calves born, the maternity field is just out side my back door, next to the orchard which is lovely to watch new life come into the world.

Any how it is Saturday night again and although I haven’t got any little visitors staying over making me go to bed early I am still going to bed at 9 pm  is that sad, I don’t think so it has been a long week, night night xx