What a glorious day it is here today after the rather inclemment day we experienced yesterday.  It did not worry me too much really as I was confined to my dear daughters kitchen painting her kitchen cupboards.  She has only four weeks to go before the baby is due and is in a frenzied state of preparation of cleaning etc, I belive it is called nesting, what I did not realise was that it involved me and later in the afternoon Ian arrived as it was his afternoon off from milking the Castley ladies and he possibley thought he could have a snooze on his daughters sofa and no one would notice his precence, but wrong, he ended up putting up a fence at the bottom of the garden!!

To the back of the farm house, ajoining the orchard is a field known as the ‘dry cow field’, where the ladies in confinement spend thier days munching grass and relaxing before giving birth.  This morning as I looked out of the landing window, as I always do before I go down stairs, one was busy  in the throws of labour and just after breakfast she gave birth to a lovely friesian heifer calf which will become part of the herd when she grows up. I have taken some photos which I will forward to my technical advisor so hopefully you will see them soon.  I cannot remember if I told you about Barnaby, Helen and Robert’s cat who has come to live with us, he is lovely and has settled in so well.  Oslo our house cat is a little bit grumpy about the whole situation, but Barnaby is living outside with the other farm cats and having the life of riley.  Richard and Sophie are opening a cattery later this year and Barnaby is going to  be the receptionist I believe!!

I had a very charming new client the other day.  A young man called Jack.  It was my little Grandson Jack, when he came for his usual Tuesday visit his Mummy asked if I could try and cut his toe and finger nails, honestly he was as good as gold.  We sat in ‘GG’ s special foot health chair and used the special scissors and he never mada a muff because you know Charlie is a baby and Jack is now a big boy, phew GG was relieved all went well!!

Well I am now going to spend the afternoon in the garden as I have a busy week with treatments and the Boys are busy with round two silaging, that is another cut of grass ready to store for winter feed so lets hope it stays fine for them, sunshine please.

Take care.x