It seems an age since I wrote a blog, well in fact it is way back in the Autumn of 2015.  I have been experiencing difficulties of a technical nature with creating a blog on my old web site therefore I have had a new one built thanks to Steffany Berry at ‘oh so Steffany’.   I have yet to master the putting on of photographs, a few issues there and I need some photographs of my treatment room when I can get Helen Lishman of Helen Lishman to come along and do the deed and complete the project, Heleh Lishman being my dear daughter so I keep getting put to the back of the list!!

Looking back to my last blog Castley Farm was preparing for the winter months ahead, the Castley Ladies (cows) were going to experience their new accommodation which would not only be better for their health and well being but also make life easier and more cost effective for Messrs Lishman in these highly uncertain times in the dairy industry, goodness me one day dairy farmers will be classed as a rare breed and I am not joking!!  However, onwards and upwards, the ladies have been outside now for several weeks now enjoying the spring grass and at last some sun on their backs, there is nothing more quintessentially English than to see cattle and sheep grazing out in the fields and our farmers working the land, true custodians of the countryside.

The circle of life has also been busy with in the family as Richard, my son and his wife Sophie had their second  son Charlie James in January, what a scrumpteous bundle he is weighing in at 10lb 8oz, a beautiful brother for Jack.  Helen and Robert are expecting their first baby in August, which is lovely, I cannot believe this time last year we were only a few weeks away from their wedding and now a baby.  Helen is busy keeping fit, she has one of those fit bracelets and tries to do her 15 thousand steps a day or whatever, I can just imagine her baby being born saying “hi Mummy and Daddy, sorry be back in a minute haven’t done all my steps yet today”, becuase it is a very wriggley baby! Robert was dragged along to an NCT class this week and all the fathers were asked why they were there and responed by saying all the correct things like to support their wives an learn all their was about parenting, Robert’s answer was simpley that Helen would divorce him if he had not gone!!  (they are a very comical couple).

Here at Castley Treatments all is busy and going well, no two days are the same, lots of feet to do at the moment with the warmer weather as people start to expose their feet to the elements.  My poor feet have just come back from four days in Barcelona swollen and sore, they look like pigs trotters, not very becoming of a lady I can tell you!

Any way lovely to be back and I will write again soon

Gillian x