Well what happened to the saying about March if it comes in like a lion, which it did, it should go out like a lamb and vice versa.   That theory has been completely blown out of the water as March definitely came in like a lion and today the last day of March I appear to have a pride of Lion’s stampeding around my house, hypothetically of course, as the wind is quite ferocious.  Although there are lots of Spring bulbs venturing out of the ground and there are all the wonderful signs of Spring it has been so cold I still want to hibernate. The poor cows on the farm are also confused as they ventured out to pasture for the first time a few days ago only to be confined to barracks today for there own comfort as wind and heavy rain does not make a happy dairy cow.  It was also chaos in the night as there was much noise from the ‘maternity unit’ so my dear husband went out to check on his ‘girls’ whilst I stayed warm and cosy under the duvet hoping and praying I would not be called on to help with midwifery duties, thankfully not but four calves had been born since Ian last looked at 10pm, again I blame the wind for stirring everything and everyone into a frenzy!!.

However, we must not be downhearted about the lack of Spring warmth and must look forward and what better way than to re vitalise our bodies after the winter months which have for some have taken their toll on peoples immune systems with colds and virus’s, whilst others just feel in need of a boost, a good pick me up.  What better way than a spell on my therapy couch for a revitalising Reflexology session (or two!) or a rejuvenating facial to whisk away the effects the cold weather or central heating has on our skin.  An aromatherapy facial at Castley Treatments is quite lovely, well I think so.  The emphasis is on the essential oils and creating a blend that most suits your needs.  Of course the treatment  includes a facial steam, facial cleanse, facial wash, exfoliation with a mixture of seaweed gel and ground almond husks ( I cannot take personal credit for gathering the seaweed or grinding the almond husks but I do mix them in a jar!) and then the massage with the oils.  After this I apply a mask and whilst that is cooking I massage the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands and finish off with the application of a soothing eye cream and moisture lotion whilst my client luxuriates in the warmth of the therapy couch, tempted!!

Lets hope the next time I write to you we are bathing in beautiful sunshine, until then take care and if you need any more information look on the treatments page of my website.