239-e1430647799180Oh dear my daughter Helen and her friend Tanya have just left the farm to go and take part in  the ‘Tour de Yorkshire’ ladies event of about 55km and it is absolutely pouring down.  Today is the first time is weeks that we have had any proper rain and trust it to be today, however my better half is delighted, apart from the fact he is getting very wet doing all his jobs, because the land needs rain but also some warmth because the grass has stopped growing which is not very helpful.  My sweet peas have also taken the huff and some have turned a rather poorly shade of yellow and I am hoping for a good show ready to use for Helen’s wedding in July. I have been out on calf feeding duty as Richard is on a well deserved holiday.  the poor little calves did not seem to appreciate having to come out of their cosy hutches to eat al fresco, but hey come on I did not really appreciate getting out of my cosy bed at 6.30 am to go and feed them but needs must!  As I sit here all cosy in my office I look directly onto the road and we are very fortunate that the amateur cyclists are coming passed the farm, quite a few are already coming passed now which look like men, I don’t believe for one moment Helen and Tanya will be going that fast and they are stopping off for flapjack anyway!!  Robert, Helen’s fiancé has just returned from dropping them off at the starting point, he has returned alone so they have not decided last minute to back out, they are very brave and I wish them both well, there is soup and some nice olive bread waiting for them later on.

We are still waiting for the elusive good weather, although we did have a couple of days a couple of weeks ago and it was so good to feel the warmth on the old bones.  The British weather always plays games and we can do nothing about it.  Some of my clients get quite down about the climate but I say embrace it, don’t fight it  Use the time wisely for those indoor jobs when it is not good. so today for example I have picked some rhubarb from the garden to make a crumble and I am going to try a recipe to make a rhubarb and custard cake whilst keeping half an eye open for our intrepid cyclists with my Tupperware of flapjack, I hope I give it to the right ones as they pass by as soggy cyclist probably all look the same.

I seem to be busier all of a sudden with people wanting a foot health pedicure in preparation for the revealing of the feet into sandals. This treatment is not only excellent on a practical level looking after the health and welfare of the feet but it is also a real tonic.  Every treatment I do I treat as a holistic treatment and it is the extras like a foot spa and the relaxing foot massage that make you feel really cared for and a real treat rather than just going home with your toe nails clipped and hard skin sorted!

However, I must press on and deal with the rhubarb and I look forward to chatting to you again soon.

Oh dear it is really, really raining!!!!!!!!!