It has been a while since I penned or should I say typed a blog but life at Castley Treatments/farm has been rather hectic of late as we have had our dear Daughters wedding and what a wonderful occasion it was.  The weather was amazing for the event which was held in a field with a beautiful marquee all decorated in the vintage style of a real country wedding.  All this was enhanced by our guests who came dressed in their finery, the gentlemen in smart suits and all the ladies in pretty dresses and some stunning hats.  My eyes however could not help but be drawn to their feet, sorry as a foot health practitioner my worry about the health and welfare of peoples feet is never far from my mind, even it seems on such an occasion, as ladies feet had been nudged and cajoled into some very elaborate and almost death defying foot wear to say they were negotiating a farm field and not a manicured lawn!!  Helena (Daughter dear) in her extraordinary efficiency and immaculate planning had purchased a batch of flips flops which the ladies were welcome to avail themselves when the pain became too much and you could visibly see the ah factor replacing the ouch factor as the day progressed.  Honestly what we will contend with in the name of fashion.

Life has resumed to a more normal level and concentrating on therapy issues.  Firstly my essential oil box, which is a selection of oils I use in massage blends, has needed sorting for ages and also looking at new recipes instead of going for old favourites, I am looking forward to trying those.  I have also got a talk to do to Darley W I in September so I need to do some preparation and practice for that.  I am going to mostly talk about Reflexology and do a demonstration.  I will spend quite a lot of time talking to myself over the next couple of weeks as I quietly practice what I am going to say but when it comes to the talk I will no doubt as usual babble on and forget to refer to my notes and hope no one has nodded off  at the end of it, never happened before but there is always a first time.  I do enjoy these occasions as obviously it is a good way of promoting my business but also gives me the opportunity to tell everyone how amazing complementary therapies are.