Good morning,

I am just trying to get the hang of blogging, not really sure how often one is supposed to  avail readers of my wittering’s, however the reason for a blog is to keep you informed so that is what I shall do.  Despite being Sunday and only 8.07 am I am up and about preparing for the tasks of the day that lay ahead.  There is a major event happening at the farm this summer as my Daughter Helen marries the lovely Robert.  There is, therefore a lot of work to do as the reception is being held at home.  Over lunch yesterday I was discussing various aspects of the preparations to my husband Ian and he kept making this strange groaning sound which made me worry something was dreadfully wrong with him, but then when I thought about it he groans a lot about all sorts of things.  I have decided to take matters into my own hands and tackle this head on and try and keep the poor man in a state of relaxation, as best I can for the next 144 days!!  A session of Reflexology was the answer and all bundled up on the therapy couch with only his head popping out of the top of the cosy cellular blankets was a sight to behold.  I was quite perturbed  however by the state of his feet  when I removed his thermal socks which revealed a fairly pungent aroma only to be told he had had them on for two days as he doesn’t like to cause too much washing, honestly my regular bona fide clients never cause me this much trouble.  After a good cleansing of the feet the treatment began and my dear husband was soon asleep with his face aglow, he looked like a little cherub.  I can never emphasise enough what a wonderful deep state of relaxation Reflexology induces, it is amazing. I must now head off to finish painting the last wall in the bathroom and then another decorating project is complete.