After a busy day yesterday I had just finished clients when my son Richard came into the house shouting ” I am here Mum”,” what for” I replied thinking the days work is done and it was time he was going home to his own home and family.  I had, however forgotten that I had promised to have  look at his feet as he thought he had a piece of metal or something stuck in one of them.  I therefore treated him to the total foot care treatment starting with a foot bath with herbal bubbles and Tea Tree oil.  I could visibly see him start to quite enjoy the experience and he admitted the room was very relaxing.  Richard has never let me treat him with Reflexology or a back massage or anything as he has always been a little wary of what I do, I do have to mention, however that it is Richard’s feet that appear in the photographs on my Web site as he was the only model available at the time.  After the foot spa I started on the procedure of cutting and filing his toe nails, all the while he was looking at things on the i pad as  a distraction, I believe still not fully  trusting his Mother with the various implements I had to hand.  When I attached a scalpel blade to the scalpel his reaction was “whooa, what are you doing”, at this point  I requested he remain very still and concentrate on the i pad.  A short while later after he realised his Mother is a professional foot care therapist he became very interested in what I was doing and when I explained that he did not have a piece on metal stuck in his foot but a rather large and very solid corn that had been making itself at home there for quite some time.  After the offending corn was removed and the feet buffed to make them all lovely and smooth I then finished the treatment with a soothing massage.  Richard’s comments were when I asked how his feet felt, he said they felt like ‘brand new’, in fact he said he was impressed and would call again!!!!!!!!!!!